Schrader & Co., Inc.

 Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication and Machining

Schrader & Co., Inc. was established 1968 in Denville, NJ as a "Job Shop" specializing in Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication. Over the years the business steadily grew and in 1996, relocated to Newton, New Jersey expanding the plant  to 14,000 square feet.  In our new home we added Machining to our capabilities and throughout the years adding CNC Turning, along with updating our CNC Turret presses.  Recently, the addition of Fiber Laser technology has increased our capabilities into more complex configurations and exotic materials.  

Our specialties are with materials up to 1/4" thick. Size ranges of components are generally under 4' x 8' prior to forming. All fabrication is performed on state of the art equipment, shown on our facilities list. We offer one-stop-shopping for your components by providing processing such as plating, painting, silk-screening, engraving, and heat treating, on through mechanical assembly and packaging for a complete product for your convenience. Quantities from prototype to full production are within our capacity. Our staff can always be called on to go the extra mile to make the manufacturing process go as smooth as possible.

With years of fabrication and machining experience, combined with the next generation of skilled personnel aided by today's technology, our quality and reliability have never been stronger. We offer our customers unparalleled service and honest answers from quotation through delivery.